Who We Are

Emerald Bay Community Church is an independent non-denominational church that grew out of the desire to have a community church to meet the spiritual needs of the Emerald Bay residents and friends in surrounding areas. The original building was dedicated in 1978 and has since been expanded to add a new sanctuary, offices, and land adjoining the church.

We areĀ an active community and support a variety of activities and ministries in addition to our missions program. Activities include the annual Vacation Bible School, Bible study groups, and potluck suppers. We also host speakers and events open to the Emerald Bay community.

Former Pastors

O.B. Hardin (Part time 1974-1978)

Don Anderson (1978-1990)

Mark Skorheim (Assistant 1980-1990, Pastor 1990-2000)

Gene Kircus (Interim 2000-2001)

Dr. Leonard Malone (2001-2005)

Dr. Jay Riley (2005-2012)