Resources come in different shapes and sizes and have different purposes.

Learning and Study:

The Holy Bible is the cornerstone of our life and study. Bibles are available in the Sanctuary for use during our services and we offer Bible study classes on Sundays and during the week. Commentaries and study materials are available in our library to be checked out and used at home. Listen to sermons and worship services at home if you miss a service or want to hear something again.


Every day, in big and small ways, we are the church to each other in our daily walk. Our church staff, members of the Board of Directors, and committee members have visible roles, but each person is important for our congregation to be healthy and growing. We pray for one another, teach and study together, and serve and eat meals together. Some sing and usher and manage the sound and logistics of Sunday mornings while others serve in quiet, unseen ways.

We are in the process of taking photos and creating a new pictorial directory of our congregation, which will be loaded online, hopefully making it easier to match names and friendly faces.


We have a wonderful physical space in the middle of Emerald Bay. The space is another resource we can offer for families, individuals, and groups. We consider this to be part of our mission.